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Reporting to Parents

Glendowie Primary reports to parents on their child’s progress and achievement in a variety of ways. Initially, at the beginning of the year, parents are invited to Meet the Teacher evening to learn about general aspects of the classroom and introduce themselves to the teacher. Throughout the year, we have an open-door philosophy where individual appointments with teachers can be made anytime via the office.

Term 2: At the end of term, a written report is sent home via email.  This is followed by a parent-teacher interview in the hall.  Please ensure we have your current email address.

Term 3: A 30 minute student-led conference where students lead the conference by presenting work samples and book work and discussing their learning with their parents/caregivers.

Term 4: A written report is sent home via email.

Dates of Parent/Teacher Interviews and Student Led Conferences:
We will advise you via school newsletters and the school calendar.

Students bring their stationery on the first day of school.

Please purchase these items from your local retailer, Eastridge Paper Plus or on-line at

Stationery Lists PDF:

Year 1 Stationery List

Year 2 Stationery List

Year 3 Stationery List

Year 4 Stationery List

Year 5 Stationery List

Year 6 Stationery List

Year 7 and 8 MYP Stationery List

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Subjects offered: Mathematics and English

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