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Strategic Plan – Consultation


Dear Parents and Community Members, 

Glendowie School has delivered outstanding service to the families in the surrounding suburbs for over 70 years. Our success has been built on a rich history shaped by the hard work and careful planning of successive Boards and management teams. The school’s current leadership is eager to build on our previous successes and continue to provide an outstanding education for all our students. 

In recent months school management has – in close consultation with the Board – developed a strategic plan that will set the direction for our school over the next three years. This plan specifically defines the priorities and goals for the school, and provides parameters that will guide the Board and school leadership in their decision making. We believe that this plan encapsulates the philosophy, principles and aspirations of the Glendowie School community. What this plan does not do is highlight specific programmes and initiatives that the school will undertake. This level of detail can be found in our annual plan, which is published on the school website in early March each year. 

You can view the draft of the Glendowie School Strategic Plan 2024-2027 below. 

Before we finalise this strategic plan we seek guidance and suggestions from our wider community. After reading our draft strategic plan, you may think that there are some improvements (additions or subtractions) that could be made. If you do have suggestions to make, then I invite you to share your feedback with us via email at:

When reading the plan please note that the first page is a summary of our priorities and goals in poster format. The second, third and fourth pages provide more detail including how we will go about meeting our goals and the ways we will know if we are achieving what we have set out to do. 

Consultation is open until Friday 8th March. We look forward to receiving your feedback.


Kind regards, 

Paul Crowhurst | Principal