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Learning at Home

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The following links are for distance learning during the lockdown period.

Please do not use until we email you to say that distance learning has begun.  This will begin once advised by the government.

We hope to have your children back with us as soon as possible, and wish you well during these difficult times.

Please note, Y4-8 will be contacted via Google Classroom.  Help files are available on our Intranet.

Please select the following links for more guidance on what your teachers are assigning your child and how to help with learning at home.

Ideas to help with Reading, Writing and Maths.  This is a link from the Ministry.

Click Here:

Another Ministry Resource site including links for Wellbeing and Home Learning TV.

Click Here:

Home Learning TV can be accessed on demand here or via the TVNZ App on a device (mobile phone, smart tv or tablet)

For some science activities; Kiwi Conversation Club

Auckland Museum is posting regularly with ideas and activities.

Need some fresh air?  Here are 40 ka pai things to do outside from Doc.

The following links will take you to a generic sheet on how to connect to the Learning Apps we use in school.  Teachers will assign learning tasks through these apps, monitor progress and provide feedback.  A pack or email come home with your child’s specific login credentials.  If you have mislaid this, please contact your class teacher.

Your children have used these in school so should be competent in using the app.  They may need your help to install it on devices.

SeeSaw – Teachers will share activities for learners on here, and students can upload work, such as story writing or handwriting, or creative activities that they have made.

Prodigy – Maths programme.  It is self levelling, so it is important that while you may work with the child on how to solve new problems, they need to put in the answers that they work out, even if incorrect.  Teachers will access the learner information weekly in order to set tasks through the programme.  Aim for a little time each day, rather than large groups of time, and encourage your child to draw or use materials to work out problems they do not instantly know.

Sunshine Classics – This is a reading programme which offers levelled readers with follow up tasks.  Teachers will assign books to your learners.  Aim for a couple of books a week, and supplement with books you have at home.  The 4th activity for each reader is recording your child reading.  Aim for this activity to be completed once a week.

GoNoodle – Let’s keep moving – This is a fun movement app, a great way to keep children moving in different ways.  Enjoy it as a whole family.

Inquiry – Keep inquiring.  Let your child use their interests to inquire into new learning.  Use the question words: who, what, where, why, when, which, how – to generate questions about their interests.  Find the answers and present the information in any way they choose.  This could be photographed and added to their SeeSaw stream.