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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at Glendowie Primary School consists of seven elected representatives, one co-opted Montessori representative, one teacher representative and the Principal.

The Board of Trustees is elected every three years and has a governance role ensuring compliance with Ministry of Education requirements. The Board of Trustees play a critical role in partnership with the School Principal, in ensuring our children succeed. The Board of Trustees are given power under the Education Act to control the governance of the school.

The Board of Trustees role in governance is responsible for student achievement through the following:

The Board adopts a regular schedule of monthly meetings, with sub-committee meetings, when appropriate, between Board meetings. Notice of Board meetings is published through the school newsletter with the agenda being available from the Office after 3.00pm on the Friday before a Board meeting. Board meetings are open to the public with parents and the community always welcome to attend.

The Board sees their role in developing and enhancing the partnership between the school and our community. Through our consultation policies, the Board fulfills this role and appreciates and values the support of the Glendowie Primary School community.

In our 2018 ERO review the report stated, “The school’s vision and values, and the board’s strategic intent and high expectations for every student, provide a sound platform for continuously enhancing equity and excellence. School governance practices enact the vision, and promote coherent and successful school approaches to improving outcomes for all learners.”

Glendowie School will comply with all general legislation and regulations concerning requirements for the operation of the school.  If you have any queries about school policies and procedures, you may also contact the school office.


The Board of Trustees role in governance is responsible for student achievement through the following:

Review of learning outcomes, programmes, the Charter, policies and procedures.

Policy – Statement of intent that provides direction for the Board and the Principal.

Employment of staff. The Board is the legal employer of the staff. The Board considers the staff to be their most valuable resource and thus support them with ongoing professional development.

Asset management, including finance and property, and includes ensuring resources are available for the effective delivery of education to our students.

Legal compliance, including health and safety.