Newsletter T1W10 2024
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Newsletter T2W2

10 May 2024

From The Principal

Kia ora koutou,
I hope everyone had a really great break and that you’ve enjoyed the first two weeks of school.

Beats By Bingo
Don’t forget that we have an important community event coming up. Beats By Bingo will be a night of fun and laughs as we mix music with bingo. There will be lots of great music with throwback jams and contemporary hits. There will be a bar with reasonably priced drinks and fully loaded platters on each table. For more information please see the advertisement from the PA further down in the newsletter.

Matariki 2024
This year the school will celebrate Matariki on Thursday 27th June, the day before the Matariki public holiday. On that day school will start at 7am!!! We will meet on the astro turf for a dawn celebration, with parents welcome. Students will then partake in breakfast back in their classroom. Classes will start at 8am. The school day will finish early at 1pm and we will all enjoy an early start to the long weekend. More specific information will follow closer to the time.

Community Engagement Video
We have developed a short video for those who want to know more about our school. The purpose of this video is to engage future and prospective families. The video will appear on our website but you can gain an advance viewing here.

Driving immediately outside the school has been much better in recent weeks. Thank you to the few people who needed to adjust their driving behaviour and have done so. The only interest anyone has in this issue is student safety, so let’s work together to ensure everyone is driving safely around the school.

Teacher Only Day
A reminder that we will be taking one of the Teacher Only Days assigned by the Ministry of Education on Friday 24th May. School will be closed to students on this day while our teachers undertake professional development. Thank you for your support with this.

New Entrant Enrolments
If you have a child due to turn 5 this year or next and you haven't yet completed an Enrolment Application Form, please could you collect one from the school office. This will be a great help for us with planning for staffing and classroom allocations, and also when we look at a possible out of zone ballot later in the year.

Noho ora mai!

Paul Crowhurst | Principal

School Uniform Reminders

With the change of season we would like to remind families of Glendowie school uniform guidelines.

Shoes - must be completely black. No white or coloured soles or coloured detail.

Tights / leggings - Dark navy leggings can be worn under school shorts/skorts. Scarves, gloves and track pants are not permitted.

School beanie - The school beanie with the school logo can be worn when outside. School beanies can be purchased at the office or online. Other beanies are not permitted.

Socks - Plain black or dark blue only

Raincoat - Plain dark blue

For more detail please read the uniform guidelines
Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st May, from 6.30pm in the boardroom. Anyone is welcome to attend and a copy of the agenda is available from the school office from 3pm on the Friday before the meeting.

Life Education
We are fortunate to have the Life Education caravan here at school for the first few weeks of term. We request a donation from families to help cover the cost of providing this service, so if you haven't yet paid but are able to, please go online to pay through Kindo. We really appreciate your help with this.

Non-Uniform Day
Thanks so much for your incredible support for our non-uniform day at the end of term 1. We were able to donate $778 to Cystic Fibrosis NZ as a result of your contributions.

Parent Teacher Interviews
Please note that school will close early on Tuesday 2nd July to allow for Parent Teacher Interviews. More information on how to book for these will be given closer to the time, but this is just advance warning that school will be finishing at 1.40pm on that day.

Anti-Bullying Week & Glendowie School’s KIVA Programme

Week 3 is Anti-Bullying Week, and Glendowie School is taking the opportunity to shed light on our anti-bullying Programme, KiVa.

KiVa is a robust, evidence-based Programme developed at the University of Turku in Finland, supported by funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and operating across more than 13 countries. Specifically designed to prevent and reduce instances of bullying, KiVa comprises two primary components: class lessons and a systematic process for addressing reported incidents of bullying within the school.

Bullying behaviour is characterised by an abuse of power and strength, involving deliberate, repeated, and targeted harmful treatment towards a relatively defenceless individual. In evaluating incidents, KiVa-trained members meticulously assess information to determine if it meets the three essential elements of bullying.

The KiVa process involves a detailed series of steps for categorising incidents as bullying. It begins with the classroom teacher conducting an initial screening, followed by discussions with the KiVa team to decide whether to address the incident within the KiVa framework (with KIVA-trained staff leading the process), or it can be resolved by the classroom teacher. If the incident is flagged as requiring KIVA, parents are kept informed if their child is involved, whether as the victim or the perpetrator.

Understanding the dynamics of "the group" is pivotal in KiVa's approach. Even if not directly involved, students may be interviewed if their actions contribute to fostering a culture of bullying, such as remaining silent or passively approving of bullying behaviour.

KiVa lessons empower students to recognize their ability to combat bullying together, focusing on reducing, preventing, and minimising its negative effects. Themes covered include inclusion, celebrating differences, refusing to participate in bullying, supporting bullied peers, and understanding the various forms and consequences of bullying.

For parents seeking more information, a comprehensive guide to the KiVa Programme is available on the official KiVa website, offering valuable insights into its implementation and impact within our school community.

Walking & Wheels Wednesday Launch

Wednesday 1st May, 2024

It was FANTASTIC to see 457 students out and about last Wednesday morning.
Our Councillors & Leaders were run off their feet accommodating so many enthusiastic participants. Our Road Patrollers were kept very busy!!!
This would have to be a NEW record for our community.
We've done it once, now can we do it again every Wednesday?

Actual Numbers:
Walk to school: 152
Scooter to school: 91
Bike to school: 53
Park & Walk (across the park) 161

Primary Years Programme (PYP) Information evening

Years 0-6

You may know Glendowie School is part of The International Baccalaureate. You may have heard the school talk about the PYP, but do you know what the educational programme strives to achieve?

On Tuesday 28th May from 5:30 - 6:30pm, we will be holding an information evening on The Primary Years Programme (PYP) in the School’s mini hall.

Our PYP Coordinators, Ms Sinclair and Mr Liu will explain the teaching and learning programmes from both a junior and senior perspective. We will clarify some of the terminology that your students use in the classroom and unpack the attributes of an ‘internationally minded’ student. We will explain how a unit of inquiry is planned with concepts and a central idea to guide us. We will also demonstrate how skills, e.g. research and social skills, are incorporated as part of our teaching programme.

We look forward to welcoming all of the school community from across all year levels, particularly new families.

Note: the presentation will follow a similar format to previous years.
Please RSVP via this link

Glendowie Parents' Association

Welcome back. Term Two is an exciting term with a fun adults event planned and the school favourite, Movie Night!

Beats By Bingo
We'd love your support for our ‘Beats by Bingo’ event , May 18th in the School hall. This is not a usual bingo night, It's musical bingo! You can expect throwback jams, sing alongs, guilty pleasure tunes and maybe even a dance off. Loads of genres on rotation so there's always something for everyone to enjoy even if you're not much of a muso.
Doors open at 6pm, Beats by Bingo starts at 7pm - Optional Fancy dress as a music artist or band (prizes up for grabs) Tickets ($35) available via kindo now.
Fully stocked cash bar with RTD cans, wine, beer, low and non-alcoholic options available. Please no BYO.
Tables of 8 donned with platters upon your arrival. Sit where you please, no need to gather a table of 8, or you can email to reserve a table.
We would love donations for the silent auction, or any alcohol that can be sold over the bar on the night.
Please email us

Milo Friday
Milo Friday is back, Friday afternoons for Term Two and Three. Branded Glendowie School keep cups are available for purchase via Kindo.

Save the Dates
AGM Thursday 30th May.
Movie Night on Friday 21st June.

Second hand uniform shop
We are operating out of the corner room to the right hand side of the main entrance to the office. We will be open on the first Monday morning of each month during Term time from 8:30 - 9am.
The dates for this term are: - Monday 10th June

We are looking for second hand uniform donations, please drop these to the office anytime or directly to the uniform shop during opening times.

Class Reps
WhatsApp groups are now up and running. If you are concerned that you haven't been added to your class group, please send us an email at or contact the office to fill out a contact details release form.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 21st May - Board Meeting - 6.30pm, Boardroom
  • Saturday 18th May - Beats By Bingo - Parent's Association
  • Friday 24th May - Teacher Only Day - School Closed
  • Tuesday 28th May - PYP Information Evening - 5.30pm, Mini Hall
  • Thursday 30th May - Parent's Association AGM - 7.30pm, Staffroom
  • Monday 3rd June - King's Birthday - School Closed
  • Monday 10th June - Second Hand Uniform Shop
  • Friday 21st June - Movie Night - Parent's Association
  • Thursday 27th June - Matariki 2024 - Astro Turf
  • Friday 28th June - Matariki - School Closed
  • Tuesday 2nd July - School finishes 1:40pm - Parent Teacher Evening
  • Friday 5th July - Last Day of Term 2
  • Monday 22nd July - First Day of Term 3

Who we are - Year 2

As part of the central idea - Our bodies are made up of systems that work together, our Year 2 students visited the Life Education iconic mobile classroom. The lessons have included learning about the human digestion, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. They are inquiring into how our body systems work and how we can care for those systems.

Niko: “I learned that you need to stay healthy by eating food, like carrots and broccoli.”

Catanha: “I enjoyed seeing an X-ray of Emma and this helped me to learn about our breathing.”

Jasmine: “I enjoyed learning about the fish in the ocean. They need less oxygen than humans (us) to breathe.”

Ignacio: “In the X-ray we saw Emma’s heart and it was beating fast because she had been dancing! That was super cool.”

Evie: “I enjoyed learning about the body’s breathing system. Oxygen comes from trees and we need it to breathe.”

Luca: “I learned that carbon dioxide comes out of our mouth when we’re done with it.”

Anni: “I liked learning that trees make oxygen for us.”

Milla: “I enjoyed dancing in Harold’s van, with the disco lights and the stars!”
Anni Gabi Ted

Science in the Middle Years Program - Year 7 & 8

Has anyone ever wondered how an elephant brushes their teeth? To start the year in science, we have had a chemistry focus and have been looking at how change occurs in edible substances. Our first practical lesson was a demonstration of the power of yeast! We made a substance called elephant’s toothpaste.

Here are some excerpts from our lab reports on elephant’s toothpaste.

To observe the effect of a catalyst when making elephant’s toothpaste.

  1. Add 1/4C 6% hydrogen peroxide into the bottle.
  2. Add 5-6 drops food colouring.
  3. Add 1T dishwash liquid.
  4. Swirl those ingredients around in the bottle.
  5. In a separate glass, add the yeast and warm water together and mix to combine.
  6. Finally, add the yeast and warm water to the bottle for the explosion. (Milli H, Yr 7)
Results and Observations:
Once the yeast and warm water were added to the bottle, after about two seconds, the chemicals caused a chemical reaction and foam started coming out of the bottle in a zig-zag pattern with streaks of yellow and blue floating up through the green foam. It smelled of yeast and the bottle was warm. (Orla K, Yr 7)

The yeast acts as a catalyst to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. A catalyst is something that speeds up a reaction while staying unchanged itself. An exothermic reaction is one that gives off heat. H2O2 → H2O + O2 (hydrogen peroxide turns into water and oxygen). Gas → into liquid dish soap. So how that works is the H2O2 wants to be water or H2O + O2 so the yeast (catalyst) speeds up that reaction, then the dish soap traps the heat and gas that the reaction creates and the foam is made! (Erica M, Yr 8)

If you want to see this experiment done on a really big scale, look up Mark Rober’s elephant’s toothpaste experiments on YouTube!

We also made ice cream and did an experiment called ‘Milk Swirl’.

After completing these experiments, we had to change the aim of the experiment to investigate another aspect. Here are some photographs and examples of our new experiments and our scientific write-ups. Write-ups by Orla K, Yr7, Seb W, Yr7 and Larissa V, Yr7. Photo: Elephant’s Toothpaste, Kheira A, Yr7.

Community Notices

Glendowie College Parents'Evening

2025 Enrolment Process

Glendowie College will hold a Parents’ Information Evening for 2025 Enrolments on Tuesday 18 June 2024 at 7:00pm in the College Hall. The purpose of this meeting is to outline the programmes the school offers and to cover the enrolment process for 2025 Year 9 students’ enrolments.

This is an opportunity to meet informally with Gordon Robertson, Glendowie College’s Principal, to have any questions answered about the enrolment process.

We look forward to seeing you there. No RSVP is required.
We are accepting NEW ENROLMENTS FOR GUITAR LESSONS at Glendowie School for Term 2!
Our friendly and experienced guitar tutor, Gideon, is looking forward to guiding your child’s musical journey. Read Gideon’s bio here.
Fees (based on a 10-week term): $400 for individual lessons, $185 for group lessons (up to 3 in a guitar group).
You would only be charged for the number of lessons remaining in that term. Once confirmed, your lesson time is reserved for your child until you let us know via email that you wish to cancel, at which point our 4-weeks’ notice of cancellation applies as per our terms and conditions.
Interested? Complete our online enrolment form today at