Newsletter T2W4 2024
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Newsletter T2W10

5th July, 2024

From The Principal

Kia ora koutou,
It was delightful to welcome our parent community into the school for our annual parent teacher conferences this week. It is always such a pleasure to chat to parents as they come and go throughout the course of the day.

A big thank you to our supportive Parents’ Association who arranged a coffee cart the following morning to pep our teachers up, following the tight turn around after their late night the day before.

Matariki Celebration
We had a real buzz around the school for our Matariki celebration last week. Everyone who gathered together for the early start at 7am felt a sense of community as we recognised Matariki – the Māori New Year. Thanks to all our parents who went the extra mile to get out of bed early and get lunch boxes ready – with breakfast included!

Nude Food
Thank you to everyone who responded positively to the message about nude food in our last newsletter. We’ve noticed less rubbish around the school.

Bike Parking
With the extra bike parking now available at school we are now welcoming our Year 5s who would like to ride their bikes to school as they can now park inside one of our two parking areas. So from Term 3 onwards students in years 5-8 are able to park bikes inside the school grounds. Scooting is still an option for everyone with parking next to the pool.

Finally, it has been a great term and I wish you a safe and relaxing holiday. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 22nd July.

Ma te wa,

Paul Crowhurst | Principal
Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th August, from 6.30pm in the boardroom. Anyone is welcome to attend and a copy of the agenda is available from the school office from 3pm on the Friday before the meeting.

Book Fair
Thank you so much to all of our families who purchased books at the book fair this week. We are now able to purchase books up to the value of $1,793 as a result of this.
Special thanks to all those who purchased books to donate to our library - this is very much appreciated and we look forward to the students being able to borrow them next term.
We really value your support of this event each year - thank you.

Bay Suburbs Netball

On Monday 1st July, 63 Y5/6 students across seven teams represented our school at the Bay Suburbs Netball Tournament.
For a number of the students, this was their first time playing netball. All of our teams represented our school with pride, gave it their all, and showed great sportsmanship.
In a nail-biting final, the Y5A boys lost by just one goal!
The day was a huge success with the Y5A boys placing 2nd and the Y5A girls, Y5B girls, Y6B mixed, and Y6B mixed teams all placing 3rd in their respective grades.
Thanks to Michael, Sophia, and Helen for coming to help with our teams.
A special thanks to Mikayla (8) and Milli (7) who attended an umpires course in their own time to upskill so they could come and umpire for the day.

Year 5 Wonder Project - Rocket Challenge

For our current unit of inquiry around how everything needs energy to make it work, Y5 have been working with their ambassadors from the Wonder Project to design and build rockets.
We have been working in ‘crews’ and have been learning about Newton’s laws and the engineering design process. We used our new learning to create prototypes of our rockets and then perform test flights.

“It was amazing to find the right amount of fuel to launch our rockets successfully and it was fun to design the rockets with our crews.” - Isabella, Y5

“It has been great having our ambassador helping us, and we can now create rockets out of recycled materials.” - Noah, Y5

“Our rocket went the furthest in R12, and we made it by gluing one bottle onto a quarter of another bottle. We made a point out of tinfoil at the front of the rocket. We didn’t add fins, but added some weight to one end to balance it out and that's it. Simple, aye? We used a bike pump to pump it up and filled it with about 200mls of water. After that, we blasted it off. It landed 42.50 meters away from us” - Sienna, Lucy, Brayden and Sage, Y5

Year 5 Action - Care For Our Local Environment

Last year in Y4, a group of us got together to start a clean up group. Our first unit of this year in Y5 was focused on caring for our shared environment. This is when we really got into making the group a reality. Our group is called The Glendowie Clean Up Team. So far, we have made a website and have organised the first Glendowie community clean up. It is on Wednesday 10th July at 11.30am and the meet up location is the playground at Roberta Reserve. If you want to help with the clean up, scan this QR Code to be taken to our website to complete the sign up form. We hope to see a lot of our Glendowie School community there taking positive action for our environment.
-Kaden, Jackson, Leo, Mikhael, Jeff Y5 (and Arabella from Churchill Park School)

Year 1 Assembly: How we Express Ourselves

Our Y1 students recently showcased their impressive knowledge and open-mindedness in a vibrant assembly focused on our central idea: People recognise important events through celebrations and traditions.
The children delved into the rich diversity of global festivities, drawing insightful connections between various cultural practices. The children showed how they could communicate and present information to an audience about celebrations.
The children highlighted similarities between the lively St. Patrick's Day parade in Ireland and the exuberant Carnival in Brazil, noting how both celebrations bring communities together through music, dance, and parades.
They also observed the common use of colourful clothing and lights in India's Diwali and Chinese New Year, emphasising the universal themes of brightness and festivity in marking and celebrating significant occasions.

Year 1 100 days of learning!

Our Y1 students have reached an exciting milestone – their 100th day of school!
Over the past 100 days, they have engaged in countless learning experiences, built friendships, and developed new skills. From mastering their structured literacy to exploring numbers and beyond, it's been a wonderful journey of growth and discovery.
To mark this special occasion, our students and teachers participated by dressing up and engaging themselves in a variety of fun and educational activities, celebrating their achievements and looking forward to many more days of learning ahead.

Glendowie Parents' Association

The PA wish everyone happy holidays and look forward to seeing you all back bright and bushy for term three. Thank you to everyone who came and made movie night so much fun. Term three events are the disco and runathon, dates are below.

Milo Friday
Milo Friday will continue every Friday afternoon for term three. Branded Glendowie School keep cups and Milo / Frosty Friday click cards are available for purchase via Kindo.

Save The Dates
School Disco - Friday 30th August
School Runathon - Friday 6th September

Second Hand Uniform Shop
We are operating to the right hand side of the office. The shop is open on the first Monday morning of each month during the term time from 8.30 - 9am. Cash and bank transfer available.
Term three dates - 5th August, 2nd September.
We always welcome good quality second hand uniform donations, please deliver anytime to the office or directly to the uniform shop during opening hours.

PA Meeting
Next PA meeting - Thursday 25th July, 7:30pm, staffroom. Anyone is welcome to come without obligation to join.

Class Reps
Class WhatsApp groups are up and running. If you haven't been added to your child's class group, please send us an email at or contact the office to fill out a contact details release form.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday 22nd July - First Day of Term 3
  • Monday 22nd July - Y5 Motat Trip
  • Wednesday 24th July - Y3 Auckland Art Gallery Trip - Room 2/3
  • Thursday 25th July - PA Meeting - Staffroom, 7.30pm
  • Friday 26th July - Y3 Auckland Art Gallery Trip - Room 1
  • Friday 26th July - Eastern Zone Netball
  • Friday 31st July - Eastern Zone Rugby League
  • Monday 5th August - Second Hand Uniform Shop - 8.30 - 9am
  • Tuesday 6th August - Y7/8 Speech Finals
  • Tuesday 13th August - Eastern Zone Girls Basketball
  • Thursday 15th August - Eastern Zone Boys Basketball
  • Tuesday 20th August - Board Meeting - Staffroom, 6.30pm
  • Friday 23rd August - Y0-2 Cross Country
  • Wednesday 21st August - Y3-8 Cross Country
  • Wednesday 28th August - Y4 Assembly
  • Thursday 29th August - Eastern Zone & Bay Suburbs Cross Country
  • Friday 30th August - School Disco
  • Monday 2nd September - Second Hand Uniform Shop - 8.30 - 9am
  • Monday 9th September - Y5/6 Speech Finals
  • Friday 6th September - School Runathon

Community Notices