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Newsletter T2W8

21st June 2024

From The Principal

Kia ora koutou,
Matariki Celebration
Please be reminded that we have a special day of school next Thursday 27th June. We will be celebrating Matariki – the Maori new year. School will start at the earlier time of 7am and finish at 1pm. Please carefully note the following:
  • Students will head directly to the astroturf before 7am. Parents are welcome.
  • At the astroturf there will be a short assembly to acknowledge and celebrate Matariki. With a bit of luck we will get to see the stars and then watch the sun rise.
  • Following the assembly we will return to class and eat breakfast in class. Please send your child with a suitable breakfast in their lunch box or other container. Considerable thought was given to the idea of having a shared meal in class, but as it is our first year we have decided that this might be a bit too difficult logistically. We’ll consider this idea for future years.
  • A normal dismissal will take place at the earlier time of 1pm, following a lunch break.
  • Enjoy the day off on Friday!
Stay Nude
Last year we implemented a nude food policy. This means we strongly encourage parents to remove all food packaging and pack your child’s lunch box with food that is “nude”. The reason for this decision is that recycling food packaging at home is far more effective than doing it at school. It also reduces the amount of rubbish at school where we no longer have rubbish bins in the playground. If your child does come to school with packaging please understand that they will be bringing this home in their lunch boxes with any uneaten food.

Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent teacher interviews will be held on Tuesday 2nd July in the school hall for year 0-6 and Montessori, and in the mini-hall for year 7-8. School will close at 1.40pm that day so that the interviews can start from 2pm. A notice about the booking procedure has been sent home and most parents have made their bookings. If you have not done this yet please make your way to the website asap.

School reports will be emailed home on Wednesday 26th June.

You may have noticed that the school now has two vans onsite. These were recently purchased for supporting the many out of school trips and activities that our students engage in. We will be getting both vans sign-written in the near future.

Bike Parking
As part of constructing a parking area for the new vans we have also added in more bike parking. Our previous bike racks were causing clutter down near the Montessori Unit.

Have a great weekend!

Noho ora mai!

Paul Crowhurst | Principal
Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th June, from 6.30pm in the boardroom. Anyone is welcome to attend and a copy of the agenda is available from the school office from 3pm on the Friday before the meeting.

Matariki 2024
This year the school will celebrate Matariki on Thursday 27th June, the day before the Matariki public holiday. On that day school will start at 7am!!! We will meet on the astro turf for a dawn celebration, with parents welcome. Students will then partake in breakfast back in their classroom. Classes will start at 8am. The school day will finish early at 1pm and we will all enjoy an early start to the long weekend.

Lost Property
Lost property bins are located next to the side door entrance to the office. All lost property will be laid out in front of the school office during week 10 of this term. Uncollected items will be donated.

Non Uniform Day

Friday 5th July.

Gold coin donations from this term's non-uniform day will support the Starship Foundation.

The foundation strives to ensure all children in Aotearoa New Zealand have access to world-class healthcare.

Year 7/8 Math's

As a part of our measurement unit, we got to design a zoo! This was tricky because we had to look at different animals and their needs. Fun Fact: Zebras need at least 37 square metres per zebra to be happy! We made sure certain animals were not in the same enclosure. We also had to think about how people would walk through a zoo and what they would find entertaining. ‘We bought a zoo’ is a fun innovative assessment, it made us think about how we use maths concepts in real life. This improved our thinking and understanding skills, especially in mathematics. We were challenged to calculate the area and perimeter of different shapes e.g. Trapezium, circle, and parallelogram. We didn’t realize there was so much maths in designing a zoo!!

- Hayley, Issac and Eva (8)
- Orla (7) - Lottie (8)

Y4 Sharing the Planet

We have been learning about how precious water is and how it can be reused in different ways. Did you know that 71% of the Earth's surface is covered in water but only a very small amount of that is usable? Over the past few weeks the year 4 students have learned about the different stages of the water cycle, how water is filtered and made safe to drink, and how we can all take action to save water both at home and at school. We had some awesome visitors such as Sarah from Watercare who taught us how to make our own water filters, and Gerrie Keyser who talked to us about weather and how rainwater can be harvested.
Scan this QR code to watch Dante and Harvey's video about how we can conserve water at school. Water is a finite resource and we can all play our part to save water.

Storylines Visitor - Aki Fukuoka

On Thursday 20th June the year 3 & 4 students (and Room 12) were lucky enough to be visited by Aki Fukuoka, a professional illustrator best known for her work on the Billie B. Brown books. Aki talked us through the process of designing a character, creating a book cover, and how she got into illustration as a career. Aki showed us just how talented she really is when she turned two of our very own students into book characters based on suggestions from the audience!

Glendowie Parents' Association

Class Reps
WhatsApp groups are up and running. If you are concerned that you haven't been added to your class group, please send us an email at or contact the office to fill out a contact details release form.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 21st June - Movie Night - Parents' Association
  • Monday 24th June - Y3-5 NZ Playhouse Visit
  • Monday 24th June - Y7/8 Eastern Zone Hockey
  • Tuesday 25th June - Board Meeting - 6.30pm, Boardroom
  • Thursday 27th June - Matariki 2024 - 7am, Astro Turf - School finishes 1.00pm
  • Friday 28th June - Matariki - School Closed
  • Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd July - MYP Teacher Interviews
  • Monday 1st July - Y2 Stardome Trip - Room 17, 18 & Montessori
  • Tuesday 2nd July - Parent Teacher Evening - School finishes 1:40pm
  • Wednesday 3rd July - Y2 Stardome Trip - Room 10, 19 & Montessori
  • Friday 5th July - Last Day of Term 2 - non-uniform day
  • Monday 22nd July - First Day of Term 3

Community Notices