Newsletter T1W8 2024
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Newsletter T1W8

22 March 2024

From The Principal

Kia ora koutou,
Lockdown Drill
Yesterday we completed a lockdown drill under the guidance of Harrison Tew, a company who specialise in emergency management planning for schools and educational facilities. The procedures we follow allow us to respond safely and quickly to a range of situations. We are pleased to inform you that our practice yesterday went very well with our students responding safely and calmly.

During the year we will continue to practise our emergency procedure exercises to ensure all staff and students remain familiar with them and to refine and improve our procedures where necessary.

Should you become aware of a lockdown or an evacuation at the school, can I please ask that you not come to school or try to phone, as we will not be able to respond. Your presence or contact may make it more difficult for us or the emergency services to manage a situation. Any information pertaining to an emergency occurring at the school will be updated on our website as regularly as possible.

We believe that it is important that we conduct regular practices for lockdowns and evacuations so that we can all be well prepared and familiar with our procedures should an emergency occur.

We thank you for your support.

There has literally been a buzz around school this week with the arrival of our new bees. Initially our new friends were supposed to arrive on Saturday and take the weekend to get used to their new environment, as normally a hive takes a few days to settle into a new location. Due to the bad weather on Friday evening their arrival was postponed until Wednesday. This means that yesterday (Thursday) there were a few stings on feet due to there being a number of dead bees around the enclosure and our students being very curious about the new arrivals. We don’t anticipate this to be an issue going forward. Hopefully our new residents will be settled in now and can get moving with their job – making us honey.

Driver Education
Firstly, thank you to the 90% plus parents in our community who follow the road rules when picking up their children at 3pm. I have to say, overall things have been much better in the last two weeks.

There are still a few struggling with the idea of following the road code. As I have previously mentioned this elevates risk for our students, and student safety is our primary concern at that time of day.

As promised we have some examples of incorrect parking to help those still on the learning curve. Please see photos in the section below, including annotations to provide more clarity.

Happy driving and parking!

Strategic Planning Consultation
Thank you to those who provided feedback on our draft strategic plan that has been on the school’s website since February. The consultation period is now closed and we will be taking the feedback under consideration before finalising the plan in a few weeks.

Relationships and Sexuality Education
In a few weeks we will be circulating information about our Relationships and Sexuality Education learning. We will invite comments and suggestions via email at that time. It is a requirement that schools consult their community.

Easter Break
A reminder that school will be closed for Easter on the following dates:
Good Friday - 29th March
Easter Monday - 1st April
Tuesday - 2nd April

(The Tuesday after Easter is not a public holiday, however, it is always a school holiday under the Education Act legislation).

Have a wonderful, safe and happy break.

Noho ora mai!

Paul Crowhurst | Principal
Please do not park on the footpath.
Please do not park on yellow lines.
Please do not park in the bus stops. This includes pick up and drop off.
Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th March, from 6.30pm in the boardroom. Anyone is welcome to attend and a copy of the agenda is available from the school office from 3pm on the Friday before the meeting.

Voluntary Donations
Voluntary donations for 2024 have remained at the same rate as last year - $400 for one student; $740 for two students; $950 for three students and $1,150 for four or more students from the same family.

We really appreciate your support with this if you are able. Donations are also eligible for a 33% tax rebate so if you have made a donation before 31st March 2024 you will be able to make a claim with Inland Revenue after 1st April.

If you made your donation through myKindo and need to find your receipts, please see more at

Structured literacy - Junior information evening (Years 1 & 2)

Wednesday 27th March from 5:30 - 6:30pm in the school mini hall.
Parents and caregivers are invited to an information session about our new year 1 and 2 structured literacy programme.

The evening will address the following:
  1. The components of a structured literacy programme.
  2. What structured literacy looks like at Glendowie School.
  3. How parents can help at home.
The evening is for adults only.

Please RSVP using this link. For more information please contact the school office
Here is the link

Camp MERC Experience 2024

Camp is very exciting, tiring and fun all at the same time. The bus ride on the double decker bus there was quite exciting. I wondered what Camp MERC and the dormitories would look like when we arrived. It felt like the bus trip took ages to reach Camp MERC but I’d say it was worth the wait! Once we arrived at camp, there was a BIG talk but eventually we finally got to the fun activities. The activities were amazingly enjoyable (apart from stack’em) my personal favourites were the 30m tree climb (Norfolk Pine) where you can get a AMAZING view, paddle boarding and snorkelling where we saw a crab hiding in the reef of camp MERC. Sailing was just the best as we saw two amazing natural events such as fish jumping out of the water and a giant hawk chasing a seagull. It was just so cool seeing the hawk fly around with incredible grace and speed.

It’s not just the activities that’s good, the other activities such as quiz night, the chocolate game, sand castle competition and the disco are all great team building activities that really help your team get to know each other.

By Lucas C
Back row (L - R) Alex, Martin, Orla, Felipe, Lucas
Front row (L - R) Cooper, Tamara, Eloise, Jonah, Luke
As we ventured to Long Bay, excitement was building up in the bus. We jumped off and went straight into our first activities. My group was called the Paddle Boarding Pigs (We thought this was the best name!) The first activity really pushed my team to their limits. We climbed a HUGE ladder blindfolded! This activity was one of my favourites because you had to help your teammate and use your communication skills. The rest of the day went SO fast because we were all having so much fun! Then we had a sandcastle competition and we won! We created a ‘Turtle Eating a Piece of Bacon.’ My favourite activity at Camp was the 34m tree climb up the Norfolk Pine. We got to stick our head out of the top of the tree and you could actually feel the tree swaying. I was so lucky because I got to climb the tree twice. All of our instructors were so nice and helpful. I really wished we could stay longer! This experience really pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Izzy D

Glendowie Parents' Association

Frosty Friday: We are selling iceblocks/icecreams from the window outside the mini hall every Friday after the 3pm bell.

We accept cash, or you can purchase a Frosty Friday concession card via Kindo; once purchased, these are available for collection from the school office. Please note our last Frosty Friday for Term 1 will be on Friday 5th April.

Save the Dates: Dates for our Term Two events are a Parents Event planned for Saturday 18th May and Movie Night on Friday 21st June.

Second hand uniform shop: We are operating out of the corner room to the right hand side of the main entrance to the office. We will be open on the first Monday morning of each month during Term time from 8:30 - 9am.

The dates for this term are: - Monday 8th April- Monday 6th May

We are looking for second hand uniform donations, please drop these to the office anytime or directly to the uniform shop during opening times.

Class Reps: WhatsApp groups are now up and running. If you are concerned that you haven't been added to your class group, please send us an email at or contact the office to fill out a contact details release form.

Glendowie Primary School Parents' Association for updates.
Facebook: @GlendowiePrimarySchoolParentsAssociation

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 26th March - 6:30pm - Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 26th March - 10:00am - Bay Suburbs Swimming Championships
  • Wednesday 27th March - 1:30pm - Year 3 Whole School Assembly
  • Wednesday 27th March - 5:30pm - Structured literacy - Junior information evening
  • March 29th - Good Friday to April 2nd - Easter Tuesday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Monday 8th April - 8:30am - Second Hand Uniform Shop
  • Friday 12th April - End of Term 1
  • Monday 29th April - Start of Term 2
  • Tuesday 2nd July - School finishes 1:40pm - Parent Teacher Evening

Community Notices

Weetbix Tryathlon Saturday 24th, March
link to maps here

Mr Kloppers will be located at the school marquee.