Newsletter T1W6 2024
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Newsletter T1W6

8 March 2024

From The Principal

Kia ora tatou katoa,
Our Driver Education Service
If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you will know that we have an issue with dubious parking outside of school during pick-up and drop-off times. This has given rise to numerous complaints from locals who have had to deal with the consequences of illegally parked cars. Of course the school has an interest in our parents keeping the road rules because it has the potential to impact on the safety of our students as well as the efficiency of our road patrol service.

Even with the lovely weather of late, the option of parking and walking a little further than usual has clearly not been a consideration for some parents. Nor has the idea of arranging their children to walk to the other side of Glendowie Reserve to the designated pick up points that can be seen on a sign at the front of the school. As such we have received a host of new complaints from locals that include parking on broken yellow lines, over driveways, on berms, and on private property, including the local hospice and the area in the Presbyterian Church car park specifically marked for their early childhood centre.

As a quick side note, I’d like to acknowledge and thank Glendowie Presbyterian Church for the use of the front half of their car park for pick-ups and drop-offs.

I’ve come to think that perhaps what is needed is some examples of how not to park, so that our parent community is clear of what you cannot do when picking up your children. So starting in the next newsletter we will be providing a section dedicated to real life examples of illegal and unsafe parking. We will even personalise the photos to our locality. So, just a heads up, if you see our staff taking a photo of your car, and you are still in the car you might like to smile or wave.

From a teaching and learning perspective this new initiative makes complete sense as it is well established that providing clear examples to those who are learning a new skill is vital. To the small group of parents who need the support in this area, I really hope this will help you.

Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs Lynch our Learning Support Coordinator will be moving offices to the back of the Library. For those parents working with Mrs Lynch you can find her there or the adjacent room used for small group teaching.

Teacher Only Days
The Ministry of Education has approved for all schools to have two teacher only days this year. The board had previously agreed that one of the days would be taken on Friday 31st May, but this has now been changed to Friday 24th May to allow for an external professional development provider to come in and work with teaching staff.

Teacher only days for 2024 will therefore be:
Friday 24th May
Tuesday 29th October (after Labour weekend)

Staff News
Congratulations to year 2 teacher Brittany Buchanan, who is getting married this weekend in the Bay of Islands. We know that Britt and Josh will enjoy a special celebration with family and friends over the next few days, and we wish them every happiness for the start of their married life together. We welcome Brittany back as Mrs Buchanan-Smith.

Noho ora mai!

Paul Crowhurst | Principal

Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th March, from 6.30pm in the boardroom. Anyone is welcome to attend and a copy of the agenda is available from the school office from 3pm on the Friday before the meeting.
Junior Swimming Sports Day

Years 1 - 4 on Friday 22nd March.

Note the following approximate start times for each year level.

Year 4 - 9:15 - 10:30am
Year 3 - 10: 40 - 11:50am
Year 2 - 12.00 - 1:15pm
Year 1 - 1:30 - 2:30pm

Children are to bring their togs and 2 towels, in a separate bag. It is an expectation that all children will take part. Please name towels, clothes, goggles and hats to avoid mix-ups. The children and teachers would love to see you there so the children can demonstrate their confidence and acquired skills. Parents please note, where you will be seated there is little shade, so come prepared. The children will be sitting under shelter. Please go straight to the pool area on arrival. Your child will talk to you after the event.

All are welcome to attend.

PYP - Programme Evaluation Survey

We are currently reviewing our PYP programme of inquiry. This includes looking at all the units we teach within a year level and across the course of schooling from Year 0 - Year 6.

We are seeking feedback from our school community about the content of our units of inquiry.

We would like to know what units of inquiry your child has been excited about in the past and at which year level. You might observe the following behaviours from your child :
  • They were eager to talk about what they are learning at school at the dinner table
  • They wanted to go to the library to find more information about what they were studying
  • They made things at home relating to the unit
  • You noticed your child showing positive social action as a result of their learning, e.g. making you recycle soft plastic; wanting you to save electricity;
Record up to 3 of your child's favourite units of study. You are welcome to talk to your child but we are seeking a parent/caregiver point of view. You may complete one form per child or one per family.

Link to the survey here
Structured literacy - Junior information evening (Years 1 & 2)

Wednesday 27th March from 5:30 - 6:30pm in the school mini hall.
Parents and caregivers are invited to an information session about our new year 1 and 2 structured literacy programme.
The evening will address the following:
  1. The components of a structured literacy programme.
  2. What structured literacy looks like at Glendowie School.
  3. How parents can help at home.
The evening is for adults only.

Please RSVP using this link. For more information please contact the school office
Olivia Ng in Kids National Geographic

Olivia Ng participated in an incentive organised by the National Geographic kids magazine asking to draw and write about an animal of their choice. Olivia chose the Orangutan and sent her drawing and description. Later, she received a beautiful free book about maps without knowing why. When the next National Geographic got published she found her picture in it! She was extremely surprised and really proud of herself, that is why she chose to share this great achievement with Room 1. This month, all children can find Olivia’s picture on the Junior explorer’s page! Well done Olivia!
Year 6 SMART Goals

Year 6 has been looking at the central idea “Success is different based on what individuals believe is important” within our Who We Are unit of inquiry. We have been learning about significant achievements of New Zealanders in a range of areas, and noticed that they would have all set goals and would have been reflective on what it took to reach the successes they did.

As a result we have all set two SMART goals, one focused on something at school and one focusing on something we do outside of school, e.g. a hobby or sport.

A SMART goal is a goal that is:
Specific - What is it that I want to accomplish?
Measureable - How will I measure my progress? How will I know when the goal is achieved?
Achievable - What steps will I need to take to achieve the goal?
Relevant - Will this goal help me in the long term?
Time bound - When will I aim to achieve my goal?

Some of the goals we have set have been:

Millie’s (Rm 15) school goal is to get better at maths. She will accomplish this by learning a new times table each week. She knows this is achievable as she will practise every night and be tested at the end of the week. Millie also wants to make more bracelets for her business. She would like to make 50 bracelets and then sell them. She has set her time frame as the end of the month. She knows she can accomplish this as she enjoys making bracelets and has plenty of supplies.

Felicity (Rm 15) has achieved her school goal. This was to become a school librarian this year. She loves reading and helping people. She attended the training day and was accepted to be a librarian. She is demonstrating the learner profile of being caring.

Luke (Rm 15) goal is to become a better reader. He will achieve this by reading 100 pages per week. He has broken this down to reading a minimum of 10 pages on week days and 50 pages during the weekend. He believes this is both measurable and achievable for him.

Isabella’s (Rm 15) personal goal is to keep a more organised room. She will tidy her room everyday and buy containers to store her things in. She believes this is achievable and plans to have her room completely organised by the end of the term.

Bertie’s (Rm 15) personal goal is to become better at coding. He has made his goal measurable and given it a time frame. He will code one game by the end of the month. He will spend half an hour on it per day. He will then show his teacher, this will keep him accountable.

Alfie (Rm 16) has chosen the following goal for outside of school - to start a lawn care business that supports the community and helps him to earn some money. He will know he has achieved this goal when his clients recommend him to their friends.

Pepper’s (Rm 16) goal is to learn a few basic Japanese words and phrases each week before she goes on a family trip to Japan later in 2024. Her goal is time bound as she has a time frame in which she wants to accomplish this goal.

Simra’s (Rm 16) school focused goal for Term 1 is to read more challenging books so that it helps her to write more creatively. She believes this is an achievable goal as she has set time aside every night to read books.

Evelyn’s (Rm 26) personal goal is to drink more water throughout the day in order to hydrate herself and be more healthy. She is demonstrating the learner profile of being balanced. She has planned to use a chart to help hold herself accountable and monitor her water intake which makes it a measurable and achievable goal.

Eva’s (Rm 26) learning goal was to read more consistently by doing so every day and to read over 1000 minutes this term. She would time herself and count how many minutes she has read each day which demonstrates the learner profile of being principled. She would also keep track of how many books in total she reads. Eva has been working hard and has now achieved her goal by reading for a total of 1224 minutes!

David’s (Rm 27) school goal for Term 1 was to get into Bay Suburbs for swimming this year. He feels that he is able to accomplish this goal by practising his strokes daily and timing himself to measure his progress.

Laura’s (Rm 27) school goal for this term was to improve her skills in all swimming strokes, particularly backstroke. She will be able to do this by giving it her best effort and having a great attitude every time she is in the pool!

Our year 6 parents will have noticed our students working towards achieving these goals they have set for themselves throughout the term. Hopefully the students will be able to apply this knowledge when setting goals for themselves when working towards something they want to be successful at.

Glendowie Parents' Association

School Camp Night was a marvelous night with Mr Klopper's late night Spotlight and Octopus again being the highlight for many families. Thank you to all those who braved the inclement weather to spend the night with us. We also had a great turn out of families joining us for a pizza or sausage and the movie before heading home. Many thanks to Mr Kloppers and our volunteer helpers on the day.

Frosty Friday: We will be selling iceblocks/icecreams from the window outside the mini hall every Friday after the 3pm bell. We accept cash, or you can purchase a Frosty Friday concession card via Kindo; once purchased, these are available for collection from the school office.

Save the Dates: Dates for our Term Two events are a Parents Event planned for Saturday 18th March and Movie Night on Friday 21st June.

Second hand uniform shop: We are operating out of the corner room to the right hand side of the main entrance to the office. We will be open on the first Monday morning of each month during Term time from 8:30 - 9am.
The dates for this term are: - Monday 8th April & Monday 6th May

We are looking for second hand uniform donations, please drop these to the office anytime or directly to the uniform shop during opening times.

Class Reps: WhatsApp groups are now up and running. If you are concerned that you haven't been added to your class group, please send us an email at or contact the office to fill out a contact details release form.

Joining the PA: We will be holding elections in May and our AGM for the vacant role of Chairperson as Bree and Heidi are stepping down after 3 years as Co-Chairs. Now is a great time to join our PA as we look for a new leader(s) for our vibrant and committed committee. Next Meeting: Thursday 21st March, 7:30pm in the school staff room.

Facebook Page: We are keeping our Facebook page up to date with events, follow us at
Glendowie Primary School Parents' Association for updates..

Glendowie Primary School Parents' Association for updates.
Facebook: @GlendowiePrimarySchoolParentsAssociation

Upcoming Events

  • Monday 11th March - Year 5 & 6 Swimming Sports at Sacred Heart
  • Wednesday 13th March - Eastern Zone Swimming Sports
  • 13th-15th March - Year 7 Student Camp at MERC, Long Bay
  • Friday 15th March - Bay Suburbs Swimming Sports
  • Wednesday 20th March - Bay Suburbs Softball
  • Friday 22nd March - Year 0-4 Swimming Sports
  • Tuesday 26th March - 6:30pm - Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 27th March - 1:30pm - Year 3 Whole School Assembly
  • March 29th - Good Friday to April 2nd - Easter Tuesday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Friday 12th April - End of Term 1
  • Monday 29th April - Start of Term 2

Community Notices

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon will be on March 24, 2024, 7:00 am, Pt England Reserve. Entries are now open. Put it in your diaries and follow this to register now. When you enter via the link, you will automatically join your School Group (Glendowie School) and contribute towards your School Group prize eligibility. There will be an area to leave gear at the school gazebo and a gold coin sausage sizzle on the day.

Mr Kloppers will meet with participants beforehand to discuss the course and assist with any queries they have.